Does Buying a House Always Require a Lawyer?

Does buying a house always require a lawyer?

Whether or not you should hire a real estate lawyer depends on where you live, how the transaction works and what your financial situation is. Some real estate professionals urge buyers to hire lawyers, while others believe that bringing in a legal professional can cause more problems than it prevents.

A lawyer can help you make informed decisions about a purchase, particularly if you are a first-time homebuyer or you are purchasing your first home in an unfamiliar area. A real estate lawyer can also advise you on your rights and protect your interests during the home-buying process, from making an offer to negotiating the final terms of the sale and preparing for closing.

Before you buy a house, your attorney will conduct due diligence to ensure that the seller has no outstanding debts or legal violations against the property, such as unpaid mortgages or tax liens. He or she will also review several years of board meeting minutes and other documents to determine the health and condition of the building. If the building has been infested with bed bugs or a leaky roof, your lawyer will help you find out about these problems and ensure that you don’t take on any extra costs down the line, such as expensive repairs or maintenance fees.

After the contract has been signed, your lawyer will work with the sellers’ attorney to coordinate a closing date and ensure that any required paperwork is ready for signing. He or she will also order a title search and order an inspection of the property, if necessary. Then, your lawyer will discuss your down payment with the sellers’ attorney and deposit it into an escrow account. Read more


Your lawyer will then work to prepare the closing documents, such as deeds, tax transfers and mortgage documents. He or she will also work to make sure that any liens are removed from the property and that all payments are properly distributed at the end of the transaction.

It is important to understand that when you are buying a house, you will have an obligation to pay a down payment of 10%, which will be deposited in an escrow account by the sellers’ attorney. If you do not meet this obligation, you may be subject to penalties in the future, such as losing your deposit or a negative credit score that can affect your ability to get a mortgage loan down the road.

A buyer’s attorney can also help guide you through the home-buying process if you are purchasing a co-op or condo apartment, since these buildings have multiple layers of rules and regulations. Your lawyer can examine all of the documents, including financial statements, offering plans and bylaws to help ensure that you are getting a fair deal.

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make, and your lawyer will be there to help you through it. Choosing the right real estate attorney for your needs is the best way to ensure that you have a smooth and successful home-buying experience.


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